Restaurant Open Hours
Tuesdays – Fridays 10AM to 5PM
Saturdays 10AM to 4PM


Biltong Snack Platter – $20
Biltong carpaccio, chili biltong, droëwors, seasonal spread, pickled vegetables, tomato jam and crostini.

Peri-Peri Chicken Livers – $11
Tender chicken livers in a creamy, spicy peri-peri sauce served with grilled ciabatta.

Dutchy’s House Salad – $10
Lettuce, tomato, olive oil croutons, pickled onion rings, cucumber, feta cheese. Choice of dressing: balsamic vinaigrette, ranch, caesar.
Add biltong carpaccio – $4

Indian Style Samosas – $7
Two samosas served with green mamba herb sauce (spicy).
Choice of vegetable or lamb. 

Pork Belly Lollipop – $12
24 Hour cured and roasted pork belly squares, basted in Dutchy’s monkey gland sauce (BBQ) and topped with cowboy candy.

Potato Fries – $7
Served with curry aioli and chakalaka ketchup.


New York Strip Steak – $30
Flame grilled New York strip steak served with sautéed vegetables, fries and any side sauce.

Fish and Chips – $16
Sustainably sourced Atlantic cod dipped in beer batter and fried to perfection with yellow rice or fries. Choice of sauce: tartar, lemon butter or garlic butter.

BBQ Pork Flatbread – $11
Pork belly bits, Dutchy’s monkey gland sauce (BBQ), mozzarella, red onion, and cilantro. Add biltong carpaccio – $4

The Yardbird – $15
Juicy lemon herb quarter chicken, served with sautéed vegetables and fries. Substitute with peri-peri sauce.

Hawaiian Chicken Burger – $15
Perfectly grilled chicken breast served with pineapple, lettuce, red onion, tomato, Dutchy’s island sauce and fries.

Just Wors – $16
Two grilled boerewors sausages (farmers sausage) with tomato and onion relish served with fries. Substitute for an all beef wors (sausage) add – $2

Dutchy’s Ocean Basket – $20
Sustainably sourced Atlantic cod fillet with two Mozambique prawns, yellow rice and fries. Choice of sauce: tartar, lemon butter or garlic butter. 

Monkey Business Burger – $17
Hand formed ½ lb. beef patty, lettuce, tomato, tobacco onions, Dutchy’s monkey gland sauce (BBQ), brioche bun served with fries.


Mozambique Style Prawns – $23
Five large wild cold-water prawns basted in your choice of garlic butter or peri-peri sauce, served with yellow basmati rice. 

Gatsby – $15
Grilled Dutchy’s boerewors (farmers sausage) on a hoagie roll, tipsy onions, chutney aioli, cowboy candy served with fries. Substitute for an all beef wors (sausage) add – $2

Lamb Bunny Chow – $17
Durban style lamb curry served in a fresh baked bread bowl with Dutchy’s spicy sambal. Let us know if you like it mild or hot.

Dutchy’s Mixed Grill Breakfast – $16
Two eggs, one grilled boerewors (farmers sausage), house cured pork rashers, tomato-mushrooms sauté served with fries.

Boerewors Omelet – $16
Three egg omelet filled with boerewors (farmers sausage) tossed in Dutchy’s sweet chili sauce, mozzarella cheese and peppadews served with fries.

Russian and Chips – $16
South African style Russian sausage served with salt & vinegar fries and chakalaka ketchup.

Add a sauce to any dish – $2
Creamy Mushroom, Classic Creamy Peppercorn, Green Mamba Herb (Spicy), Peri-Peri, Monkey Gland (BBQ), Classic Chutney, Garlic Butter, Lemon Butter.

Add a Dutchy’s Side Salad – $3


Malva Pudding with Crème Anglaise – $4.50 

Melktert Slice – $4.50

Cake of the day
Please ask your server.


Little Dutchy Boerewors roll with fries $8.25

Little Dutchy All Beef Burger with fries $8.50

Little Dutchy Flatbread $7
Monkey gland pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese


Red – $9 per glass
Cabernet Sauvignon

White – $9 per glass
Chenin Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc

Rosé – $9 per glass
The Rosé Garden

Choose your own. Retail plus $10 corkage fee.
Select any bottle of wine from our wine selection.

Domestic and South African
Beer – $6.50

Beer Shandy – $7.50

Bottled Water – $2.50
Perrier – $3.50
Club Soda – $3
Coke Cola – $3
Diet Coke – $3
Coke Zero – $3
Sprite – $3
Fanta Orange – $3
Iced Tea – $3

Coffee – $3.30
Includes one refill.

Tea – $3
Freshpak Rooibos or Five Roses.

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness